Streamline Shipping Group are proud to provide specialised local support to individuals, businesses and UK delivery firms for the delivery of small parcels and other home delivery items including white goods and garden products.

Parcel Deliveries in Orkney and Shetland

We are the main carrier of choice for parcel and home deliveries on the islands of Orkney and Shetland, providing specialised local support to individuals, businesses and UK delivery firms.

Our vans are known throughout the island communities as a sign of quality service and reliable deliveries. We have over 25 parcel vans in our island fleet, including electric vans which are currently being rolled out as part of our carbon reduction efforts.

Small parcels and packages destined for the isles can be delivered to our Aberdeen or Glasgow depots, where they will be taken on the final leg of their journey. Our UK-wide transport network can also arrange regular scheduled collections from parcel operators or other suppliers.

Parcel Returns from Orkney and Shetland

Streamline handle most parcel returns from Orkney and Shetland to the UK Mainland when you arrange a return through your supplier. Once you have requested a return from your supplier or their courier and they have provided a shipping label, the parcel can be dropped into our depots or you can contact us to arrange a collection.

Note that all parcel returns must have a shipping label. QR Codes and Barcodes cannot be accepted at our depots - so if presented with the option, the shipping label should be printed at home. If you don't have a printer you can email the label to your local depot and we will print it for you.

Update your delivery preferences (Orkney and Shetland only)

If you are not at home, we can arrange to leave your parcel in a safe place or deliver to a neighbour, unless a customer signature is required.

Please fill out this form which will allow you to specify your delivery preferences.

The company you order from may also offer the option to indicate a safe place at the time of ordering.

  • Please note: this service is only available for residents of the Orkney and Shetland islands.
  • The safe place ideally should be a weatherproof location which has easy access for our parcel delivery operator.
  • Providing your delivery preference allows more parcels to be delivered safely on the first attempt, even when you are out.

Contact us about parcel deliveries in Orkney and Shetland

To contact us about a parcel delivery or for any delivery updates, please call us on 0845 2661 822 (note charges may apply) or send an email to You can also call your local depot by finding their details here:

For sales enquiries please contact our UK sales team on

Contact us about garden furniture deliveries on the UK Mainland

To contact us about a shed or garden furniture delivery on the UK Mainland, please send an email to or call us on 01698847930

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