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Safety and security are core values for us at Streamline: of your cargo, of our team, of the environments we work in.

While we have our own rigorous safety procedures and policies in place, we are proud to work with a number of external agencies and organisations to help improve security in the shipping and logistics industry as a whole.

Together, we can implement positive change across the sector to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Throughout the year, we work with these partners to run exercises at our depots, allowing them to train the people and animals that help protect us and our communities, as well as regularly engaging with government agencies.

Here’s a look at just a small sample of the projects we’ve been involved in recently…

Drug and Explosive Detection

While we are experts at handling specialist cargos, there are some things we won’t carry… those things that lay on the wrong side of the law.

We run regular training exercises with Police Scotland and various charities to help train detection dogs and teams searching for drugs and explosives in shipments — as well as welcoming them for regular inspections of incoming and outgoing shipments.

Training in a working environment is crucial for these dogs, who may otherwise be distracted by the sights and smells of a busy depot. That’s why it’s so important that we are able to provide an already-secure site for this to take place.

Mitigating Invasive Species Impact

We have been working with the RSPB, NatureScot and the Orkney Native Wildlife Project to help reduce the impact of invasive species in Orkney.

ONWP has been running a pilot project to reduce the impact of stoats on the islands, a particularly disruptive species within the local environment.

Two dogs and their handlers recently visited our Kirkwall depot to run exercises checking trailers and vehicles of all sizes, allowing the animals to get used to working in a variety of environments.

Going forward, we will also work with the organisations to check inbound freight to manage the risk of stoats “hitchhiking” into Orkney via shipping.

Tackling Smuggling and Trafficking

Alongside the safety of your freight, we are also very conscious of people’s safety — both within our and our customers’ teams, and the wider world.

We regularly engage with Police Scotland and Border Force to help in the fight against smuggling and human trafficking, working with them throughout the year on training and inspections.

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Safety and security are core values for us at Streamline: of your cargo, of our team, of the environments we work in.